Updated: Dec 16, 2020

"As an album sonically exploring beauty and discomfort, many of the songs are wrapped in an illuminated darkness — melancholic but glittery...Linaire comes fully-formed and conceptualized. The self-titled album is accessible, intriguing, and a simple exploration of what can be done with instrumentation and voice."


"...her enchanting and embracing vocals, the great impact of the back vocals and the slow-burning and ethereal rhythms and an intense melancholic mood. Devastatingly beautiful, a transcendent experience."

--Son of Marketing

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Just over two years ago, I made some live demos of new songs that would go on to form this project. Around the same time, Elysha and I began to develop a live performance called “The Inside, The Outside.” We’ve decided to release an excerpt of it - Elysha’s video to the sound of my earliest recording of “Worked That Way.” For best results, listen on headphones and watch in full screen. We hope you enjoy it!

Updated: Oct 31, 2019


I have a new project that I'd like to tell you about. If you attended one of my shows last week (on my Ontario/Quebec tour with JESSA), you may have already heard.

The past four years have been filled with change. I lost my mother, moved cities, made big adjustments to my career and my approach to both my art and my emotional life. I discovered my love of olympic weightlifting, kettlebells and calisthenics.

Developed over the past three years, with a few shows in Montreal, Toronto and Tokyo, Linaire is the result of a personal and artistic reset. I took a break from performing and spent time learning about recording and the use of computer technology in live performance. I also acquired an omnichord (an incredibly charming little electronic auto-harp developed in the 80s). I began to get curious about the nature and roots of my anxiety and depression, which had been with me since my early childhood and coloured so much of my existence. I wrote, walked and lifted weights.

When I returned to songwriting, what emerged was something very different from what I’d made before – both in aesthetic but also in its roots. The songs explore moving through anxiety and difficult emotions, the search for identity, a call to presence and curiosity. It’s about leaving home, forgiving and letting go. It’s also an attempt to take a long view of time. I felt compelled to pick a name for this project. And so, Linaire emerged.

There is an album due in 2020 (!!!), but for now, here is a tiny taste of my live set, filmed last week in Montreal at La Sotterenea.

Best, Anna

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